Just A Thought On Accomplishmets

When you work hard on a project, the finished product has a greater value than one that was just an easy task. Why is that? The easy project can be done over and over as needed, but the one that you had to put effort into has a little blood, sweat and tears in it and a greater accomplishment value. Imagine a mountain climber who gently walks up the gentle slope of a hill and looks around. Is the view worth the stroll? Now, what about the mountain climber that hangs on the edge, gripping each stone with all his life and reaches the summit. This is the best view imaginable.

Hard work brings an increased value to everything you set your mind to do. The easy way is not always the best way. Easy come… easy go, some may say. Do your best at whatever is put before you, and the value of the accomplishment is increased many times over.

It’s just a thought…

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