Just A Thought On Glue

The porcelain doll falls off the shelf and breaks into pieces. Meticulously, the owner glues back the arm and hand back onto the doll’s body. Almost like new, the thin cracks are still visible, like a scar, of a reminder of a bad moment.

Sometimes we fall and feel broken too. We need to be mended, and the glue of a friend’s love is all we need to get put back together. This ‘glue’ is strong and will hold our broken pieces for a very long time. Like the doll, the cracks are still there, but these, along with the glue of a friend’s love, merely make us stronger to face new challenges in the future.

Do you have the glue for someone else?

It’s just a thought…

Douglas N Petersen © 2017, All Rights Reserved, www.inspirevalues.com

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