Just A Thought On Being

It is our time just to be…

… be caring ~ there is someone who needs us.

… be willing ~ it’s time we step out and try something new.

… be passionate ~ there is a fire burning within us. It’s time we add more fuel.

… be serving ~ reach out and help others with their challenges in life.

… be honest ~ while not easy at times, it is the best way to live life.

… be respectful ~ if we want others to respect us, we must practice the same.

… be hopeful ~ that tiny glimmer of hope may be the only thing we can hold on to.

… be humble ~ be our right size and don’t let our ego become inflated

… be loving ~ the value of our love is immense, share it.

… be yourself ~ for there is no one better to be you… than you.

It’s just a thought…

Douglas N Petersen © 2017, All Rights Reserved, www.inspirevalues.com

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